Kay Rieck und DR Hamadan al Ali

hi my name is Kay Rieck and i am a wine blogger and Investor

Wine is a passion made from beautiful and unexpected stories.

Sometimes, being at the right place and moment with the right people can offer a magical

wine tasting away from reality.


The world of wine is open to everyone as long as passion and curiosity are

tied together.


Kay will share his vision and enthusiasm for wine weekly.


Kay Rieck is a wine lover. He got to know wine by chance during a tasting, just

like many wine lovers.

Tasting is like opening a book, a whole new universe is

waiting for you to discover while giving birth to a flourishing appetency.

Thus, the story begins with new sensations; like a sensory revival from the nose to

taste giving free space for strong and subtle feelings.

Following this, Kay met Karl with whom he formed a beautiful friendship.

Karl is an accomplished sommelier with a delicate but sharp palate.

For several years, they bought exceptional wines to build bottle by bottle, neck by neck a

fantastic panel of Bordeaux, Burgundies, Italian wines and a few Champagnes.

Because wine is a matter of taste, Kay has learnt and deepened his knowledge

through brilliant and dense red wines.

This is where he found the sensations and the taste he likes.


The more you discover wine, the more you want to learn and taste.

Writing this blog appeared to be an altruist opportunity to share his discoveries and to

travel with him.


Here begins Kay Rieck’s love story of wine all around the world.